When you request information from us, we obtain information about you. This privacy policy explains how we look after that information and what we do with it.

We have a legal duty under the Data Protection Act to prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. We must also ensure that the data we hold is accurate, adequate, relevant and not excessive.

It’s important for you to read through this privacy policy, because by using our website you are signifying your agreement with its terms.

Personal information

Normally, the only information we hold comes directly from you. Whenever we collect information from you, we will make it clear which information is required in order to provide you with the information, service or goods you need. You do not have to provide us with any additional information unless you choose to.

We store your information securely on our computer system, we restrict access to those who have a need to know, and we train our staff in handling the information securely.


Sometimes, through Google Analytics, we collect anonymous information that helps us to improve the way our site runs.

We use Google Analytics to examine how people interact with our site, gathering information using cookies. We use this information to improve the way our works and the way we do things online. For information about how, please see the information we offer about cookies.

We cannot and will not use this information to identify you.

Your rights

You have the right to a copy of all the information we hold about you (apart from a very few things which we may be obliged to withhold because they concern other people as well as you). To obtain a copy, get in touch with us. We aim to reply as promptly as we can and, in any case, will always reply within the legal maximum of 40 days.

We provide information about opting out of cookies in our cookie policy below.

You may also be interested in the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

Changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time, so it’s advisable to check it regularly. For any further information, please get in touch with us.

Information Regarding Cookies

To enhance your experience on our site, we use “cookies”.  Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer’s browser to detail your preferences. Cookies, by themselves, do not tell us any personal information, unless you choose to provide this information to us through, for example, a contact form.

We use cookies to understand site usage and to improve the content and efficiency on our site. For example, we may use cookies to personalise your experience on our web pages (e.g. to recognise you by name when you return to our site).  Moreover, we also may use cookies to inform us of your experience on our website.

If you want to control which cookies you accept, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies or to alert you every time a cookie is offered by a website’s server. To reiterate, you may find that some parts of the site will not function properly if you have refused cookies.

Please be aware that if you do not change the configuration of your browser then you will automatically accept cookies provided by this website.

Our Use of Browser Cookies

We use cookies on this website for the following purposes:

Anonymously tracking page visits, hits, search terms, visitor locations etc. for statistical purposes, which help us improve our services.

Increasing security on our website to prevent fraudulent activity and protect your personal information.

User Experience
Improving user experience such as personalised welcome messages.

If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.